The Cactus File Handbook 5: Pachypodium & Adenium

by Gordon Rowley

This Handbook, the fifth in the series, is the first to acknowledge the increasing popularity of growing pachycaul and caudiciform plants. These firm favourites among collectors of succulent plants are the only succulent representatives of the botanical Family Apocynaceae, which includes some 215 genera and 2,100 species. The author, Gordon Rowley, has been growing succulents for over 50 years and has been an enthusiastic advocate of these particular plants for much of that period.

The 80 page Handbook has 109 full colour photographs and 39 distribution maps. Many of the photographs have been taken as close ups so the beauty of the flowers can be fully appreciated and, with our new larger page format, this enables the collector to enjoy seeing more of these attractive and colourful plants.

Pachypodiums come from Africa and Madagascar and all 14 species (plus their subspecies & varieties) are represented in full colour in the Handbook. Adenium is also well represented with many colour photographs of these plants and their spectacular flowers. The new cultivars now being bred in Tucson, Arizona, are included.

Not only have we tried to capture the full beauty of the Pachypodium and Adenium flowers in our new Handbook, but we have also included many pictures of the plants in habitat and cultivation to show their natural grace and charm. With new field explorations into the remote areas of Madagascar we are able to bring to the collector details of the most recently described discoveries in the genus Pachypodium.

The main body of the book has been split to give each of the 2 genera its own section on History, Habit, Flowers, Habitats and native uses, Key to species and subspecies, and Checklist of names.

The Handbook also includes a number of additional chapters, including:

The Periwinkle family: Apocynaceae - Background information on the plant family Apocynaceae, with details of the botanically distinct characteristics of the flower and fruit. This chapter includes a general introduction to the two genera included in the Handbook, detailing their points of distinction and cytology.

Flower structure - This chapter sets out to describe the different parts of the flower, with separate pictures and diagrams showing each part of the flower in detail, and how the collector wishing to experiment can have a try at pollinating by hand.

Distribution - Separate distribution maps for both Pachypodium and Adenium.

Cultivation of the succulent Apocynaceae - This in-depth chapter deals with the all-important issue of how to grow and care for your plants. As imported habitat plants are no longer generally available it has become increasingly important for keen collectors to propagate the plants they have in their own collections. Gordon has therefore included separate sections in this chapter on how to propagate your plants by taking stem and root cuttings, or by grafting, or sowing seeds.

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ISBN: 0 9528302 7 2 (hardbound)

80 pages, 185x260mm,
Illustrated in full-colour throughout, with 109 colour photographs and 39 distribution maps

.50 UK (post free)
Overseas (post free)

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